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Any little bit counts!

The family still really needs donations. Think about it...if 100 people were to donate $10 that is $1000. Tomorrow we will have a date for the funeral services and they need to be paid for before the services can be held. Please, please, please....even if it is only a dollar or two....even spare change...every penny counts! We have added a PayPal account to donate to if you do not feel comfortable donating any other way. Account info for donations is as follows:

America First Credit Union
Gregory A. Nance or Greg Nance
(Account Custodians: Thad and Charity Green)

Wells Fargo
Gregory Nance Memorial Fund
via Thad Green

The PayPal account email is [email protected]
If you want the donation to be anonymous just put *ann* in the notes section and I will not share the information with the family.

Thank you all for your support! Don't forget to post your memories of Greg for the Memories DVD.

Best wishes!

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