Greg Nance was shot five times and killed by his son on 3/19/2011. His family cannot afford a proper burial service for their father.

The family still really needs donations. Tomorrow we will have a date for the funeral services and they need to be paid for before the services can be held. Please, please, please....even if it is only a dollar or two....even spare change...every penny counts! We have added a PayPal account to donate to if you do not feel comfortable donating any other way. Account info for donations is as follows:

America First Credit Union
Gregory A. Nance or Greg Nance
(Account Custodians: Thad and Charity Green)

Wells Fargo
Gregory Nance Memorial Fund
via Thad Green

The PayPal account email is [email protected]
If you want the donation to be anonymous just put *ann* in the notes section and I will not share the information with the family.

Thank you all for your support! Don't forget to post your memories of Greg for the Memories DVD.

Best wishes!

1. Greg's daughters need help raising funds to give their father the proper good-bye.

2. Please help this family to ease the heartache of figuring out how to afford Greg's funeral.

3. Every little bit helps, even if you can only afford a dollar.

4. This is a very emotional and sad situation. Nobody should have to bury their father because his son murdered him.

5. Thank you for any donation, large or small, remember every little bit counts!