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The Human Enlightenment Project is a Social Network that was created in attempts to spread the message of a foreseeable future without labels via the introduction of the almost completely unknown concept of pomosexuality, along with postmodern thought in general, to the masses.

Postmodernism, in the cultural sense, is a term/concept/movement that describes the way in which our human society coexists on this Earth. It is an ideology that explains literally the time in which there is simply everything; inclusive of all walks of life, and total acceptance of such so long no harm done. Pomo is a progression beyond the ideals withheld during the modern era; the ignorant assumption that human nature follows a black and white, either/or binary code. We live in a time when not only is “normal” non-existent, but also an insult, on many levels. Uniqueness and individuality are more respectable, honorable, and justly glorified than ever before, and pomo understands that. With the birth of the Information Age -- the internet and endless knowledge at our fingertips -- we now more than ever live in a world in which nothing is constant, borders and limitations have vanished, and our honest fluid nature may be fully recognized and embraced. With pomo, there is less reason (if any at all) for division in the world. Postmodern thought involves seeing people on a human level, free of restraining boundaries, and full only of infinite potential.

Pomosexuality refers to a nonorientation in which people disregard sexual labels altogether. While it is convenient to sort everyone into a handful of different groups - homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual - pomosexuality argues that these words and categories cannot do justice to the complexity of human sexuality. Like many other things in life, sexual orientation and/or gender identity isn't a black and white, either/or experience for many of us. Rather, it is a fluid and incalculably unique journey that is beyond definition. Pomosexuality literally means anything you want it to mean. It means anything goes. And it represents an end to all the confusion, oppression, fear, and restraint that comes with trying to identify with a restrictive label.

PomoWorld.com is a social network that was created in attempts to bring awareness to the existence of this relatively unknown word, pomo, and everything it stands for. It is our belief that there are an innumerable amount of people that have such a mindset, and we aim to find them. Our mission is to fully represent, connect, and enlighten all kinds of people, while simultaneously working to break down the labels with which society defines and divides them.

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