Encourage the House Veterans Affairs Committee to pass H.Res 184 to mark March 30th as Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day

On March 7th 2011 Senator Burr (NC) proposed and successfully passed S.Res 55 proclaiming March 30th as "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day". 10 days later Rep. Linda Sanchez (CA-39) brought the House version, H.Res 184, to the floor. The legislation is now in the hands of the House Veterans Affairs Committee headed by Chairman Jeff Miller (FL-1). We MUST tell Chairman Miller and the House of Representatives that Vietnam veterans deserve this small measure of thanks for what they have endured and for what they have accomplished. Vietnam veterans have returned this country to its roots of patriotism and we now honor and revere our returning heroes. Let's do the same for them!
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1. Vietnam Veterans deserved to be recognized for their dedication and sacrifice

2. Vietnam veterans returned home to ridicule and disdain. America owes them their proper Welcome Home

3. Vietnam veterans have fundamentally changed the way society views those who serve in combat. Let's thank them for opening our eyes!