Saving Europe from becoming a second middle-east.

In the last years, we are witnessing a dangerous process which takes place in the continent of Europe.
Europe changes its face every day, and in 2050, if necessary steps are not taken within the next decades, we will find ourselves in an Islamic continent.
The dangerous process is caused by the European Muslims, but also by their supporters and weak politicians.

As a result of an intensified immigration from Muslim countries and high fertility rate among Muslims, the demographic forecast is horrendous.

In several countries, the Muslims already started to demand autonomy ruled by the fanatic religious "Sharia" system of law in some regions.
Sooner than we think, the European women will be deprived of their rights and will must wear an Islamic traditional Hijab and even worse.

If you think we must do something to save our European values and culture from the Jaws of Islam - Come and Join us before it's too late!