You Can Help Rebuild an Animal Shelter - The Animal Rescue Site

  Dear Animal Rescue Supporters,    Many shelters are in need of repair and support services for their animals, but do not have the operating budgets to implement needed changes. That's where Rescue University's student volunteers and professional advisors…Read More

Help Provide Hide, Perch & Go Habitats for Shelter Cats

  Dear Animal Rescue Supporters,    Shelter life can be scary for cats. The transition from home to shelter (or shelter to home) brings many changes in sights, smells and surroundings, often leaving cats fearful of their new situation. The Hide, Perch,…Read More

Contribute To Animal Rescue Today!

  Dear Animal Rescue Supporters,    Your daily click and your Animal Rescue Site store purchases, combined with those of many others from around the world, have made enormous differences in thousands of lives. Now, there is a new way to help! When you…Read More

Help Shelter Dogs Get Adopted!

  Dear Animal Rescue Supporters,   The key to adoption for a shelter dog is to make a connection with potential adopters. But forging that connection is not as easy as it sounds. Shelters are often big, crowded, noisy places, where dogs are confined yet…Read More
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