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Our Causes page is back up and running!


Our causes page was on hiatus for about a year but we're back up and running! This is just another outlet to donate to Cranio Care Bears! You can do so through here, through our website or you can always send a check to Cranio Care Bears PO Box 464 Mead, CO 80542. Every dollar makes a difference! We have doubled our care package requests in the first year and we are still seeing an increase. We are currently at 50-60 care packages a month all over the world. Shipping alone is around $8/ea in the US and $15/ea outside of the US on average. Shipping is obviously our biggest expense.

We are also always trying to add new items to our care packages! We do get a lot of donations of different sorts so no two packages will ever be the same!

This year has been so exciting for Cranio Care Bears and we cannot thank you all enough for your support! Because of all you, Cranio Care Bears was the first winner of Aveeno's Be An Active Natural Fund grant back in May! We were so excited! Thanks to everyone who voted!

More exciting things are definitely in the near future and we are so excited!

Please join our cause and share with your friends and family. And make sure you "like" our Facebook page too!

We thank you all so much!


Summer & Shelby

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