July 2011 Update

Hello all, Well some grim news, but on July 12th of this year there has been 21 child fatalities in the US. That is WAY too much, and is within 7 days of being on track with the 49 fatalities of 2010, (which is the HIGHEST YEAR EVER!!) Now is just as…Read More

Yay for Nicole and the Knack Morning Show!!

just got off the phone with Nicole from the knack morning show! She called about playing my PSA on ALL of Cameron stations! Also she wants a phone interview for tuesday! So excited Clear Your Car is moving forward!! Tune in on the Knack Tuesday Morning Show…Read More

News update

Hey everyone, just to let you all know our radio PSA's have been a huge success. Many people are telling me of the dangers that they were unaware of. Also, we are working on some video commercials, and a heat sensitive sign that can hang from a mirror to…Read More

It is getting hot!

Hello All, As it is getting warm, we are stepping up awareness to make sure people are not leaving their kids in the car. I just recorded a public service announcement through KGMN radio, and it is going to be distributed to all area radio stations. Also, we…Read More

No more heat related deaths!

Guys, last year in late summer my crew and I had to remove a deceased 2 month old little girl from a car. She had been forgotten in there for over 5 hours. It was difficult because my entire crew were fathers of girls. I don't want anyone to have to…Read More
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