Create Awareness among people about the loss of life and property suffered by people living in costal areas of Pakistan due to destruction caused by flooding.

It started as any other day for the residents of Karachi. But soon it was raining cats and dogs. The storm that resulted led to deaths of more than 200 people in the metropolis of Karachi, which is the largest city in Pakistan. The severe rains this year in Sindh and Baluchistan in particular lead to severe flooding. To make things worse, Cyclone Yemyin passed less than 100 km from Pakistani coastline to make an already bad weather worse. The result was catastrophic. Hundreds of Thousands of people were left homeless, unknown numbers of sailors unaccouned for, and the real extent of damage is still unknown. The coastal highway got wrecked and many bridges on this vital link to coastal cities and town in Baluchistan , got swept away with the flood. Jhal Magsi, Pasni, Turbat, Sibbi, Bolan, Khyber Agency, Jafarabad and many other places in Baluchistan are severely hit. Despite the best efforts of Pak Army , there are huge numbers of people who are still stranded because of limitations of Pak Army aviation and because of road links being cut off. It is time for all people to join hands and help those who need us in their hour of need.

1. To Create Awareness about the losses to poor people of Baluchistan.

2. To support all those who are working to help including the men and women of Pakistan Armed Forces.

3. To Encourage people to donate in whichever way they can to help the poor people who are devastated by this natural calamity.