Inviting friends...

Have you committed to inviting 300 friends? Did you invite 75 friends today? Click on the green 'Invite Friends' button on the upper right and do that now. We have a long way towards reaching our goal of 5 million members of our cause.

To me, Facebook has become about making new friends.

To me, Facebook has become about making new friends. Originally, when I first started, it was about finding old friends. And I did that. One of my Facebook friends, Bobby Salem, I have known for HALF A CENTURY -- think about that for a minute. But now, I've…Read More

Minutes for Assistants Meeting Friday 3/25/11 11 a.m. EST

Attending: Bayard, Greg, Keely, Barb, Al H, Renee, Meredith, Bill Thebo Assignment: Go to home page, click on any movie, click it so you have the movie in YouTube. Copy the URL of the movie and share it on your Facebook page (or share it with the SHARE…Read More

Commitment as assistants in the CureDrive...

As assistants we all need to spend at minimum 15 minutes a day sharing our Cures on our Facebook pages. It can be as simple as choosing a video from the CureDrive channel on YouTube (, and sharing what you got from…Read More

Minutes of prayer mtg Monday, 3/21/11

Immuners attending: Frannie, Keely, Bayard, Al, Lacy, Renee, Jesus, Barb, Jake 9:45 pm Global healing prayers Focus on earthquake in Japan - people are getting sick in all ways in the aftermath of a disaster. Manifest a cause, a movement of people who are…Read More

Pray with us!

PRAY WITH US -- This is just a nice group of people to pray with – new people often GET THEIR FIRST SIGNALS here. CureDrive MONDAY PRAYERS – Skype audio conference – Monday From 9:45 to 10:15 PM EST (-0500 UTC, Greenwich Time). These are the kind of prayers…Read More

Invite your friends to our cause...

Not every one of your friends will see this for themselves, but every one of your friends that join this cause will cure something, and most likely a lot of somethings that will have a major impact on their lives! Join the CureDrive Cause, and come be in our…Read More
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