More Determined Than Ever

Dear friends, Although the US Supreme Court denied the Petition for a Writ of Certorari, more and more supporters continue to join this cause. :) Please continue to circulate the petition as the opportunity arises. The documents included in the petition…Read More

Linda Marie Sacks' PETITION FOR A WRIT OF CERTIORARI Here is Linda Marie Sacks' PETITION FOR A WRIT OF CERTIORARI . According to the clerk of the court, the justices are to receive this next week. Does this petition appear to be…Read More

Press Release...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: Linda Marie Sacks 386-453-3017 Kathleen Russell, Center for Judicial Excellence 415-388-9600 HISTORIC CASE FILED IN UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT TODAY Washington, D.C. May 6, 2011 –– In an effort to protect her…Read More

Letter of suppport for Linda Marie from a protective mother not on Facebook...

Dear Linda Marie, Thank you so much for fighting for the safety and rights for your daughters, you, and all children and mothers in this nation. I am also a protective mother. Thank you for being a voice, an inspiration and for giving us hope. I have watched…Read More

In 21 days it'll be the 6th of May. If we all know 2 more who support Linda Marie's cause...

Dear friends, We have 21 days until Linda Marie walks up the steps to our United States Supreme Court. Please read this post from my website, Family Court in America: Just for a moment, pretend you’re the editor of the Washington Post. You hear about a…Read More

"Twibbons" to show support and spread the word about Linda Marie's cause

Dear friends, Here's the link to the page to add a "Twibbon" to your profile pic to show your support and spread the word about this cause. 182 members of this cause and 40 days to go. Please…Read More

Good Morning!

Good news! A roundtable discussion in Washington, D.C. is happening right now with few of the best "movers and shakers" in this country. We're finally getting somewhere! If you're a protective mother, please hang in there. Help is on the way! Thank you so…Read More
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