NWP needs your help! Federal funding cuts have put the work of NWP in grave jeopardy. Let's save this nationwide network of amazing teachers who influence students' academic success every day.

On March 2, President Obama signed a bill eliminating direct federal funding for the National Writing Project (NWP), the nation's leading effort to improve writing and learning in the digital age.

This decision puts in grave jeopardy a nationwide network of 70,000 teachers who, through 200 university-based Writing Project sites, provide local leadership for innovation and deliver localized, high-quality professional development to other educators across the country in all states, across subjects and grades. In the last year alone, these leaders provided services to over 3,000 school districts to raise student achievement in writing.

Rigorous research studies consistently demonstrate that gains in writing performance among students whose teachers participate in NWP programs outpace those of students in comparable classrooms. The losses to our schools and local communities will compound annually. http://www.nwp.org

* * * TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress "Don't Write Off the NWP" * * *

Help NWP continue to make its case for federal funding:

1. Write letters to your senators and representatives about the important work and positive impact of NWP. Learn more about contacting your legislators here: http://nwpworks.ning.com/page/contact-your-representatives

2. Ask others—friends, family, and colleagues—to send letters too.

3. Volume—as many letters as possible—and as personalized as possible, is important to help NWP make its case.

Thank you for your support during this critical time!

1. For more updates, visit NWP Works! http://nwpworks.ning.com/