Join us and help rescue #2287 and the other animals who are tortured and abused at AIIMS' laboratory.

"2287" is not a mere number. It is the "name" given to a monkey who has been confined to a cramped, barren, rusty cage at All India Institute of Medical Sciences' (AIIMS) Central Animal Facility for nearly two decades. Monkeys at AIIMS are not even granted the respect of being given a name – numbers are tattooed on their chests instead.

In India, animals who are used for experiments are generally supposed to be imprisoned and tested on for just three years before they are sent to a sanctuary. But at AIIMS' Central Animal Facility, some animals have languished in tiny wire cages for as long as 10 years, and poor #2287 has been there for 20 long years!

A recent investigation showed that animals at AIIMS suffer from infectious skin diseases, wounds, and other health problems and that some are left without adequate medical treatment.

#2287 and other animals at AIIMS urgently need your help. Please demand that officials take action now to relocate at least the animals who have been suffering there the longest (including many of the monkeys) to a sanctuary ASAP!

1. Ask AIIMS to release all the animals in its laboratory and relocate them to a sanctuary ASAP!

2. Urge AIIMS to switch to humane and widely available non-animal research alternatives.