Second Chance, as an HSUS Emergency Placement Partner, has taken in 10 dogs from a hoarding case. These dogs all have heartworm andmany of them are emaciated.

Second Chance is a no-kill, non profit animal shelter. We are an HSUS Emergency Placement Partner so that we can help with these large scale rescues.
All of these dogs will be with Second Chance in foster care for 3-4 months so that they can undergo heartworm treatment. Many will need time to gain weight as several are emaciiated. These 10 dogs are lucky to get a Second Chance and we need help with foster care and donations to care for these dogs.
Second Chance is hoping to take the remaining dogs from this case as soon as an adequate amount of foster homes are found.
As community, let's join together and show these dogs that life WILL get better!

1. All dogs have heartworm and will need to be treated.

2. Many dogs are emaciated and will need time to get back to a good weight.

3. All dogs will need to go into foster care for the 3-4 months of treatment.

4. Foster homes are key to making a difference!

5. This is a long term case for Second Chance