indian youth be united and change the corrupt sys.

now the indian youth have to b united to save the nation and to get it back dat indian really deserve indians r not suppose to live life like they r living so fight for nation,fight for urself stand up against corruption. and promise it to urself 2mmaro we…Read More

thnx for joining try to increase our number

first of all i want to thank you guys for joining this cause for the prosperity of India i am very happy to see that the number of members are increasing day by day but we are very far away from our destination at present our number is in hundreds, in the…Read More

why do we have to,......

if india has so much money in forieng banks * >>why do we have to suffer and struggle in our lifes? * >>why do 456 million indians(46% of total population) have to live below poverty line? * >>why do we have 1 million peoples living in…Read More

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the black money in the foreign banks belongs to citizens of india lets raise voice to get our money back invite more and more people to join this cause and help baba ramdev in the revolution stated by him
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