Six orphaned gorillas now moved to GRACE rescue center

On the weekend of July 23-24, six rescued Grauer's gorillas who had been in temporary facilities in Kinigi, Rwanda, were safely transported to the new GRACE gorilla rescue center in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rwanda, DR Congo, the Dian Fossey Gorilla…Read More

Six Gorilla Orphans Preparing for Transfer to Rescue Center

We are now finalizing plans to move six rescued gorillas from Kinigi, Rwanda (where they have been in temporary facilities for some time), to the new gorilla rescue center (GRACE) in DR Congo. Plans are for them to arrive by helicopter at the end of the…Read More

Postage Stamp to Help Gorillas, Other Endangered Species

The new Vanishing Species U.S. postage stamp will help save gorillas, other great apes,  and other endangered species. More information available at: More

Latest Rescued Gorilla Thriving at GRACE Center

Little Lubutu, the latest rescued Grauer's gorilla, is now safely at the GRACE rescue center in Congo and doing very well. He goes out in the forest with his caregivers each day and is delighted with all the forest foods available and continues to grow…Read More

Scientists in Field Keep Animals Safe

A new study shows that having scientists studying animals like gorillas in the field adds greatly to their protection (even without any patrols like we have at Karisoke). The study showed more animals and fewer signs of poaching in the areas closest to…Read More

Newly rescued gorilla now in safe hands

After a long and difficult journey, another illegally captured Grauer's gorilla has arrived safely at the temporary care facility in Goma, Congo, after confiscation by Congo wildlife authorities (ICCN). Now named "Lubutu," this youngster is a male about 2…Read More

Still Awaiting Latest Rescued Gorilla

We are still hoping to receive another rescued Grauer's gorilla in Congo very shortly. Many partners are working together with the Congolese wildlife authorities to make this happen. If everything works out, the young gorilla can then go to the GRACE rescue…Read More
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