Message from PC Carr

Hi everyone, As you all know there are well over 17,000 members now in the cause and people are still joining. This has been a fantastic response, thank you all for joining. I have had an E-mail from PC Carr, and he would like me to to convey his heartfelt…Read More

Strathclyde Police E-mail address

Hi everyone. If anyone would like to voice their opinions about the way PC Carr was treated by his former employers, then the E-mail address for Strathclyde Police is as follows [email protected] Arlene

petition site

Hi everyone, i know a lot of you are finding it difficult to find the petition site, here is the link again, you can also google PC John Carr and access it that way too. If anyone is still…Read More

PC Carr

An added petition for all members to sign as regards the conduct of STRATHCLYDE POLICE.

General enquiries

Hi everyone. Some members have e-mailed enquiring about a seperate e- mail address being set up for non Facebook members. Some have said this wont work, but i will look into it. In the meantime however, if anyone is willing to draw up a paper petition for…Read More

Thank you from PC Carr

Hi everyone, i am sending this post as i recieved an E-Mail today from PC Carr. He has asked that i thank everyone on his behalf for becoming a member and for their support. Also to all the members who have left comments, he and his family are extremely…Read More

PC Carr

Hi, i would just like to thank you all again for joining this cause. At present there is 32 members and this is growing everyday, thanks to you, this is fantastic, but as with every cause, as many members as possible is needed to make an impact, so can i…Read More


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