OMG!! WOW!! Thanks so much to every1 for joining,recruiting and posting comments and so on.Its great to see that the majority of people are so against this wrong issue!! Another wow issue is that, my sister and me, have been approached by MTV in the U.K for…Read More

wow 500 members!!

thanks so much to everyone who has joined,recruited and the people who are still joining this very worthy cause.hopefully all together,bullying will be stamped out in this country,laws brought in against bullying,bullies and most of all to protect…Read More

Irish bullying victim

Rest in peace Leanne Wolfe,who took her own life in 2007 afterbad bullying in cork.Leannes are rtrying to get bullies prosecuted.we support this an wish them luck with this and will help anyway we can

hi everybody!!

Thanks to every1 for joinin an supporting the cause.going strong an keep spreadin the word to get this real issue across and sumtn done about it

Hi all!!

a major heartfelt thank you to every1 who has joined and supported this cause!! nearly at 300 ,woohoo!! keep strong and supportin this cause xo

THANKS to evry1 who has joined and recruited!!

Its a week since we first started and it has really gone 4rm strength to stength.the overwhelming support in favour of this cause is great and such a relief that people dont sit back and let this happen. Thanks a million to all, Keep spreading the word and…Read More

anti bullying vid

anti bullying video,celebrities supporting it
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