Obama on Peace

QUES: I heard Obama on NPR joking about his Peace Prize and suggesting a question about did he really desreve it. ANS: No he does not deserve the award and no, Mr President, Peace is not a joke! Step down in favor of a person who actually believes the…Read More

The Cause Song - "The Obama Song"

Every cause should have a cause song - The winner for this cause will be decided Democratically. My Proposal goes like this: "Got along without you beforwe I met you, gonna get along without you now, Gonna find somebody who is twice as a left, bnecause you…Read More


Only 41% of voters think the President should be reelected. 50% say he should NOT be reelected. Please contact your friends to weigh in on this Cause. If nothing else it puts pressure on the President to mend his ways in a Progressive direction.


It is an idea whose time has come
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