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Live Domestic Rabbits Continue to Die at Big Cat Rescue Tampa!


This Barbaric Cruel Practice Is Not Acceptable!  Please go to the website for information on FILING A NEW COMPLAINT. (

Florida Fish and Wildlife
Conservation Commission Investigators continue to dismiss and ignore
the following facts and complaints.  
Please be the voice for the helpless domestic rabbits that continue to suffer and die that this Unethical Facility.  See FWC Complaint Response Here: (

New Complaint 3/10/2013

1. Videos of Bobcats in rehabilitation torturing and killing domestic rabbits still remain on BCR Internet Accounts and are in violation of Florida rule:
68A-9.006 (

2. Feeding of live prey to wildlife under active wildlife rehabilitation: (Specifically Live Domestic Rabbits) 

The Hillsborough County and the State Attorney, declined to file any formal charges for animal cruelty in response to these complaints however; if the live prey is being used for "rehabbing", then it seems to be acceptable because it is a so called protocol, even though most sanctuaries do not use that protocol because it is unethical. But to subject live domestic tame rabbits to such a cruel and unusual death, by feeding them to predators, makes this act fall under the "animal cruelty" statutes.

Please sign the Petition Below:
5,330 Animal Advocates have signed a petition asking FWC to Stop condoning the unnecessary torture and killing of live domestic rabbits. (

Thank you for your continued support,

For The Rabbits,
Linda Sue

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BCR Threatens Law Suit Against Linda Sue

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