Back to Stop Big Cat Rescue Tampa from using domestic rabbits as live food

More Innocent Domestic Rabbits Will Be Sacrificed Alive at Big Cat Rescue!

Attention Cause Members: Helpless Domestic Rabbits Need Your Voice!

Big Cat Rescue has a new baby bobcat which means more Live domestic rabbits, rats and turkeys will be unnecessarily sacrificed, tortured and killed.

BCR has not removed the videos of predation (domestic rabbits & rats being tortured and killed by bobcats in rehabilitation status) from their Internet Accounts which are in violation of Florida rule: 68A-9.006 Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit.

Please take a few minutes and file a complaint with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation.

Due to the limited space on Causes please go to the following link
to copy and paste the complaint letter and add your own words to personalize when signing. Complaints and requests should always be respectable and factual, we do not honor otherwise.

Thank You For Your Continued Support,

For The Rabbits,

Linda Sue


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