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New Bobcat Rehab = New Live Sacrifices

Original Post: 7/10/2012

BCR has a new baby bobcat which means more Live domestic rabbits, rats and turkeys will be unnecessarily tortured and killed.

From 1997-2000 BCR did not live feed rabbits to rehabbing bobcats, in fact, below is an article about a very young bobcat that was successfully released at the BCR facility. It is my understanding that this bobcat lived in the back of the property and was released in October 1999 after being in captivity for 4 months. His diet was exactly like the other cats which consisted of chicken and meat. (frozen and already killed for human consumption)

As his hip healed the size of his cage increased, logs and limbs were added to observe his climbing abilities. The rehabber fed him by teasing him with a piece of chicken tied to a rope to watch him hunt and pounce. (The same rehab protocol other Ethical Rehabs use to raise and release bobcats).
The article reads this was their second successful release that year.

Please write or call Carole Baskin and ask her if the bobcats released in this time frame were chipped, and monitored and died from the lack of "ability to hunt" โ€“
and why she felt it necessary to change this ethical feeding and rehab protocol to a cruel and inhumane live feeding protocol that is not necessary?

Please respectfully ask Carole Baskin to Stop this barbaric unnecessary cruel feeding protocol and ask her to follow the same compassionate feeding protocol that other respectable and ethical wildlife centers follow, centers that respect all animal life equally.

Big Cat Rescue
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Tampa, FL 33625
[email protected]

Please review the Facts about BCR at the following link:
BCR Unanswered Questions

UPDATE: 7/13/12
My investigation of the latest bobcat rescue publicized by Big Cat Rescue reveals the following.

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