To Implement A Viable Alternative To This Barbaric Unnecessary Practice

While understanding the laws of nature, we propose that rescues not put the life of one animal above another, and practice ethical viable and humane ways to meet their objectives, and to be open to new ideas and ways to accomplish this. Many rescues work hard to save animals and promote their place in society and the companion animal world, and to dismiss that and undo all this great work with narrow vision does us all harm.

1. To bring awareness to the situation.

2. To promote the place of domestic rabbits in the public view, as companion animals, not food sources.

3. To promote discussion on humane ways to deal with the situation, and not set back the years of work by hundreds of rabbit rescues.

Not only are helpless innocent domestic rabbits being used as Live Food; domestic rats and turkeys are as well.

Read More About The Cause Here: http://causes.worldpeacemeet.com/stoplivefeeds/