Launching new FB group

Join the new group at We're going to announce a few upcoming events there, and will keep you posted on the campaign. We'll keep the causes page updated too, of course, but if you'd like to stay informed of…Read More

Dear Tamms Year Ten and friends of Tamms Year Ten,

Dear Tamms Year Ten and friends of Tamms Year Ten, THANK YOU Tamms Year Ten has come a long way in one year because so many people participated. Our accomplishments reflect the work of hundreds of people, some who have been working on this for over a…Read More

Upcoming events

UPCOMING TAMMS YEAR TEN EVENTS THE TAMMS YEAR TEN CAMPAIGN In 1998, the first prisoners were transferred from prisons across the state to Tamms CMAX, in Southern Illinois. This new “supermax” prison, designed to keep men in constant solitary confinement, was…Read More

Three weeks til the vote. Time to move.

Please follow Debra's example. The vote is coming up soon. If you haven't gotten your state legislators on board yet, please do so now. Dear Rep. Tom Holbrook, My name is Debra Johnson, I reside in Belleville, Il. I am writing this letter on behalf of my…Read More

Audio from Throwing Away the Key

If you missed Throwing Away the Key last week, you can check out the audio here (

Reminder, Throwing Away the Key

Throwing Away the Key – The Effects of Long Term Sentencing What: A Panel Discussion on long term sentencing, the Elderly Prisoner Sentence Adjustment Act, and the Tamms Supermax Prison Reform Bill Who: Illinois Representatives Washington, Turner, Howard,…Read More

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