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A little thank-you

Hi there.

We've all heard it said that "nothing disappears from the internet". My answer to that used to be "it does if I'm the author of it". The first two literary magazines that published short stories of mine disappeared. Not right after publishing my stories, mind you. I don't think I'm some sort of jinx to literary magazines, they simply tend to have short life spans. I've felt awkward telling prospective agents and publishers for my novel that "I've been published, but I have absolutely no proof of it available on the web".

Well, a friend of mine did some digging, for something completely unrelated, and came across this story of mine. And I decided I'd share it with you folks, who appreciate survivor creativity. This was a story I just sat down and wrote, start-to-finish, in less than an hour (minus the time I spent on the US census website and NCMEC's website to get the stats). It doesn't always work that well!

Anyway, enjoy, and thanks for your commitment to survivors, their voices and creative endeavors.

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