To help people successfully gain their freedom from oppressive regimes with a minimum of bloodshed through non-violence and to empower those who desire world peace for themselves and their loved ones.

Events are rapidly occurring throughout the Middle East as brave people in different countries rise up against oppressive dictatorships and autocratic regimes. Fear, intimidation and violence are normally the means such oppressors use to maintain their control over the populace. People can only take so much suffering under an oppressive regime, but when brave individuals and organised groups fight back with violence then they will almost always be choosing to fight against the superior weapons of their oppressors — playing right into their hands. Oppressive regimes are always well equipped to use overwhelming violence through superior weapons, logistics and forces. That’s why violent uprisings throughout history have often triggered brutal crackdowns that have left already vulnerable populations even more helpless and even worse off than before.

Yet there is another option that is often little known about and even less properly understood. It is the skilful use of individual and organised group non-violence. As we will see, it is in reality the only means to bring about a lasting, peacefully-lead, democratic society.

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1. We are against all hatred and violence.

2. We humbly suggest that skilful use of individual and organised group non-violence is the only means to create a peacefully-lead, democratic society.

3. We hope to spread practical information on how to organise individual and group non-violent activities to replace violent regimes with democracies.

4. http://www.oneworldonepeople.org/Oppression_to_Democracy.htm