Help us pay 200 sterilizations in suburbs of Galati, Smardan!

My work's most dificult moments

Close down the two local public dog pounds of Galati!

Because we can put an end to animals abuses in Galati pounds!

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Christmas Auction 2012 /ROLDA

International aid for Romanian strays: I personally donate a number of items which I keep unused in boxes. Gifts from different people or items which I decided to sell for my dogs. Their health and happiness…Read More


Photos used in this material belong to some charities/organizations which I will not name as I don't want to create a negative image to them, I just want to express myself free and protest against the abuses seen in these photos. This is not a fundraising…Read More

Regarding the recently voted law on Romanian street dogs

Dogs place is not on the streets where these voiceless souls are exposed to all kind of (deadly) dangers and humans abuses, where dogs might attack and hurt at their turn people crossing their territory. The OUG 155/ 2001 demanded strict rules for a shelter…Read More
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