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The Kiwanis

I just want to send a big Thank You to the Kiwanis Club of San Jose for their generous donation to The Grateful Garment Project. We look forward to working with them now and in the future!

Coffee Time!!

I just want to send a big "Thank You" out to Joe Colletti for his generous donation of a Keurig coffee maker and all the fixings that go with it. The SART facility, all their clients and TGGP are very grateful to him.

A second delivery of items

Today more items were delivered to the SART facility in the form of toys, toiletries and toothpaste. Every little bit helps bring dignity back to victims of sexual assault.

First deliver of donations to SART

On Friday, I made the first of many deliveries to the SART facility. It was so exciting and my heart was over flowing with hope and gratitude. Great job everyone, thanks for all the support. Lisa Check out the blog article: www.vmcfoundation.org/blog.

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I think we should also recognize some generous people that have slipped me checks for The Grateful Garment Project and its missions - Matthew Welch, Geri Weitzman, John Sines, and Kris Kuhlman Saba. It is through the generosity of people like this that the…Read More

That a boy for Mat Lindstedt!

I wish to give a cheer for Mat Lindstedt of Silicon Valley Installation for the donation of a beautiful new 32" Samsung flat panel TV for the waiting room of the SART facility. Woohoo Mat!! .

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