Back to Stop People From Making Zoolander Faces in Pictures

An Important Message about America

Members of SPFMZFIP,

Ask yourself this:

"What is going to make a bigger difference in the world: who America chooses for its new President? or SPFMZFIP promoting self-awareness to people who do not realize what douchebags they look like in pictures in which they are going to be immortalized?"

I recommend you ask yourself that questions more succinctly.

It makes you think, doesn't it? I put a lot of unnecessary words in there but which ones should you remove and/or replace?

Once you have edited that question, ask yourself if maybe I didn't write it awesomely in the first place. Now what?

Now you're only left with the intended meaning of the question, which............I forget. It wasn't really important anyway.

SPFMZFIP is approaching a new threshold in membership of 500 members. And, if you look at the cartoon figures on the homepage of our cause, you can see we come from all walks of life: nurses, guys in green suits, doctors, farmers, and what looks like a female lifeguard in a green one-piece suit in the upper-left corner. But our message to the world comes from one, unified place: concern. lots and lots of serious and judgmental concern.

I say "keep up the good work, you sexy bastards." We are getting stronger and people are looking both ways before making Zoolander faces. I've seen it. Sometimes they're just telling horrible racist jokes but sometimes they're about to pout their lips and they fear us. And isn't that what we're looking for with SPFMFIP? Aren't we forming a group to spread fear?

I may not have mentioned that in the original mission statement but I kinda assumed everyone knows that's why most groups are formed.

All of you are beautiful people who warm the cockles of my heart. You've been diligent, focused, and some of you have been very drunk. To be very open and forthcoming, It brings a tear to my eye to think how drunk some of you have been.

In closing, remember this: We are a strong group of people who instill fear in others who do not conform with what we think is right. And isn't that what this country was founded on?

God bless America and God bless SPFMZFIP.


Vincent Anzalone
SPFMZFIP Founder/#1 Fan

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