Back to Stop People From Making Zoolander Faces in Pictures

99 and counting!

Triple digits any moment now!

Congratulations on being part of one of the few causes of this world, or any other, which addresses a clear problem where we can make a change and see irrefutable results quickly. We're helping not only our own visual grief but the objects of our assistance.

Think about the future Guido Jr's and mini Trixies of the future who will not be tortured by images of their parents making ridiculous faces. We are helping to stop this insanity within a half-generation and preventing the Tool of today from having to make up a reason why he puckers his lips, stares into the depths of the camera lens, or tilts his head back far enough to count marks on the ceiling.

So continue to seek out Zoolander Faces and post them in this cause. Our hope is those who are guilty will wake up and smell the insanity.

We expect there to be people who fake ZF's to get in out cause. That's flattering. That is also part of our mission. If we can make ZF's trendy, then we're going to make it "so yesterday" that much sooner.

March on, young soldiers. The fight is fresh, the scowls still strong, but we must be unwavering in our efforts. Although we are greatly outnumbered, we are just, just I say! Those Greek dudes in the movie 300 did ok, right? Let's hold up a mirror to this delusional behavior and, unlike Medusa, hope they don't turn to stone because that's basically what they're doing now.

I cannot tell you how long this will wage but I can tell you we have the will, we have the way (thank you, Facebook), and we have the help (couldn't think of a better "W" word).

If we must, we can always "smoke 'em out." Well................maybe not. Just thinking out loud here. If you have anymore "strategerie," feel free to offer up your ideas.

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