3,000 members strong!

Keep supporting your state naturopathic organization!

1000 Members Strong!

Thanks for making License Naturopathic Physicians 1000 members strong. Keep spreading the word about the importance of licensing NDs. Many states are gearing up for next year's legislative sessions. Contact the state organizations to learn ways to help!


Congratulations to all of the 2008 graduates of naturopathic medical programs!

Minnesota Gets Licensed!!

Great news everyone! The Minnesota Senate passed a bill to license NDs. Congratulations to all of the hard working people who got the bill passed!

Half way there!

We are 500+ members strong! Half-way to our goal of 1000 members. Thank you all for joining and for inviting your friends! Keep spreading the word about the importance of licensing NDs. Also, If you are involved in the AANP or state associations please let me…Read More

Urgent Action Needed in Colorado!

If you are from Colorado or have friends in Colorado please send a letter to your legislator now in support of HB 1064! Instructions can be found at www.coanp.org Letters are especially needed from people with legislators who are on the Health and Human…Read More

How did you find this cause?

Hi everyone. I am curious as to how you found this cause and how you think we can better spread the word about licensing naturopathic physicians. Please post on the wall how you found us and any ideas you may have! Also, if any of you are active in licensing…Read More
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