Pledge a vote for the Hogan family to be on Extreme makeover home edition!

Pledge a vote for the Hogan family to be on Extreme makeover home edition!, click this link and like it, and write on their wall and say how much they deserve it, SO many people have already done this, its amazing, wouldn't that be a blessing? :)

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Be sure to make the bottle drive at LHS tomorrow beginning at 9am! Bring those bottles, donations, gift cards, anything to help out! you've all done a great deal, so many events are planned now, and this is just the beginning! see you there! :)

A message from Lorna Hogans mom.

A message from Lorna's Mom...............Diana Jollymore: This is Lorna's mother. To all who are donating please know that funeral costs and burial costs are now covered. we are overwhelmed and gratefull beyond any words...the love and support and comfort…Read More


Please let folks know that we have had such a great response to clothing that the family has what it was unreal!! They are looking for gift cards, gas cards or anyone to donate at TD Banknorth to help cover the funeral and final costs. thanks so…Read More

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we're currently working with tdbank to set up the fund online and they can provide an online deposit directly into the hogan relief fund, they just got to get it all authorized and stuff. should be up hopefully in the next 48 hours! can't wait! its going to…Read More

1,096 members and growing!!

can we reach 1,200 members by tomorrow showing support for the hogan family?! let's do it! the more who know the more who will help!

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1,008 members have joined this cause in less than 48 hours you should all give yourselves a pat on the back, lots of you have been dropping ideas off on this page, it's a wonderful thing, all of us coming together like this. we're a strong community :)
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