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Because by such we promote the image of Lebanon through our support of any individual or event that helps break old stereotypes of war, chaos and confusion.

BAALBECK COMMUNITY SCHOOL (BCS); an alternative for secular education away from ideologies and politics

An Educational project by ACT FOR LEBANON to revive the civil society of the region thus decide its future socioeconomic outlook. BCS teaches democracy, transparency, rule of law, good governance & tolerance & provides a platform for the re-emergence…Read More

NATIONAL SCHOOL of BAALBECK, supervised by the local Maronite Parish

It educates 350 deprived students and offers a platform for their families to actively live the diversity. Our commitment to support this educational enterprise reflects our belief that diversity enriches our community’s social network.

IDRAAC (Institute for Development, Research, Advocacy and Applied Care)

Act for Lebanon is committed to support the data analysis phase of this unique mission that promotes mental health research and increases public awareness... Read more:


Act for Lebanon is a US registered 501C (non profit) foundation and an active association (NGO) registered in Lebanon.
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