To keep strip miners and coal truck drivers a job!

Mountaintop removal mining is a form of coal mining that uses explosives to blast "overburden" off the top of some Appalachian mountains. Excess mining waste or "overburden" is dumped by large trucks into fills in nearby holler or valley fills. MTR involves the mass restructuring of earth in order to reach the coal seam as deep as 400 feet (120 m) below the surface. Mountaintop removal replaces previously steep forested topography with government approved post mining reclamation land uses. New growth on reclaimed mountaintop mined areas is better able to support populations of game animals. Opportunitys to view and hunt once native Elk populations that now THANKS TO COAL have land suitable for their habitat! Provides land for horse trail rides, small airports and even golf courses. We need to fight for our coal mining jobs and fight to keep our country from falling into Liberal unGodly hands!

1. Coal Keeps the Lights On

2. Coal Feeds my Family

3. Coal provides many other things