The most enduring images of Egypt are its pharaonic treasures and its history, such as the relics and artefacts that live in Cairo's Egyptian Museum. But with a written history stretching back to 3,100 BC, at the time of Greek, Roman, Coptic and Islamic…Read More

Egypt assures a safe travel to its tourists

Egypt has assured safety of its tourists following the recent incidents in the country. Tourism is safe and all set to rest the concern for security of tourists in the country post-democratic political…Read More

Tahrir a square

“Welcome to the country of peaceful revolution”, “7,000 years of history and a new era”, and “Tahrir - a square rocks the world”. Tahrir Square in Cairo was at the centre of the protests that deposed former President Mubarak in Febuary.

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Dear My Friends: Egypt is getting back to normal, better than normal actually, since the success of the Egyptian people in their protests to oust President Mubarak. We invite and welcome you to visit our amazingly strong country which loves peace and freedom…Read More

Thank you Supporting return Egyptian tourism

Welcome to our beloved Egypt , We are waiting your visit to our country soon .

Where it all begins

Welcome to the beginning of your story in Egypt. Egypt has been known as the cradle of civilization for centuries and also a cradle for inspiration; the source of many people's discoveries and experiences. Whether it's a desert adventure, a beach getaway, or…Read More
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