Request President Obama to pardon Tim DeChristopher

"If only to force our nation -- and President -- to recognize the escalating crisis of climate destabilization and the unacceptable human and environmental costs of unchecked extraction policies, Tim DeChristopher deserves the Medal of Freedom, not a prison sentence.

Even you, Mr. President, have said: "The issue of climate change is one that we ignore at our own peril.'"

-Jeff Biggers from "Tim DeChristopher Deserves the Medal of Freedom Today, Not a Prison Sentence" in The Huffington Post

1. Tim acted to protect our public lands from detriment

2. Tim followed in the footsteps of MKL, Rosa Parks and Ghandi

3. Tim was not allowed a fair trial, he was prevented from explaining his motivations for his actions to the jury by the judge

4. Tim acted to prevent the release of climate change causing greenhouse gas emissions