To call for public apologies for the physical and psychological damage done by psychiatric treatment in order to make it possible for reconciliation and partnership in mental health

A campaign with a linked petition to call for a process of Truth and Reconciliation in Psychiatry - for governments and professionals to accept that psychiatric treatment has caused physical, psychological and social damage to many people. If psychiatry is to reform and work in partnership with patients and service users these wrongs need to be recognised, atoned for and recompensed.

1. Many people consider they have been damaged by psychiatric treatment and many were not given informed choice and alternatives.

2. People can be forcibly treated under mental health laws, which appear to contradict the UN Declaration on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

3. Where people with power inflict harm on those without power, apologies are called for - e.g. for slavery, apartheid etc. This is a similar case

4. We recognize that many physicians genuinely want to help, but without acknowledgement of harm done there cannot be real partnership

5. Where people have been harmed by treatment and the stigma of psychiatric labelling they should be entitled to reparations -to be negotiated