Truth and Reconciliation in Psychiatry

We have 984 members and now there is a new President Elect of the World Psychiatric Association, Dinesh Bhugra, who is a UK psychiatrist, I think it is time to gear up the campaign, get more signatories to the petition on ipetitions -…Read More

Campaign to abolish the schizophrenia label

Read more about this campaigh at

100 years of bad treatment for 'schizophrenia' (so called)

Norwegian survivors campaigning for human rights and ratification of UNCRPD

Norwegian survivor group We Shall Overcome (WSO) have filed a shadow report with the UN Human Rights Committee detailing abuses of the human rights of Norwegian users and survivors, and will testify at the country examination and at the Committee' meeting…Read More

Irish MadPride's powerful statement on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Submission to The Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality This is a moment in which we can redirect the evolution of how we as society conceive the mad who live in every home in this state with a greater or lesser degree of shame. Madness is a…Read More

Judi Chamberlin - a 5 minute video recalling what she did for mental health system survivors

Truth and Reconciliation reaches 500 members +

Well done everyone, our numbers have now grown to over 500, this is a good start, lets get recruiting and make 1000. An article is appearing in Open Mind in England shortly - I will post it here when I get the copy. We will soon be in a position to start…Read More
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