What do you most want to see on Father's Day?

Me, shaving my beard (0% people answered this) Me, shaving my head (0% people answered this) A cure for cancer (100% people answered this) 1 people voted. Donate at http://bit.ly/cXc51x. 100% of the funds raised for Franklin's PMC ride go directly to…Read More

Put a face on the fight against cancer

Want to honor a cancer survivor? Memorialize a loved one? Put a face on the fight against cancer? You can do all of these by adding a photo to the jersey that I'll wear across Massachusetts in the Pan-Mass Challenge, where it will be seen by thousands of…Read More

Let's make 2012 a year of hope

Thanks for your support. Together, we raised over $12,000--100% of that went directly to cancer patients and researchers. The PMC raised a total of $35 million last year. This week I committed to raise $4,300 to ride in the 2012 PMC. I would like your help…Read More

Bothering to hope

Have you ever lost hope? Wondered why you bother at all? I have (see http://bit.ly/rihvqF). In a video I just posted, my friend Steve explains more eloquently than I could why it's worth bothering, why it's worth hoping. When you're done watching, I hope…Read More

Be the one

I promised that if people like you donated $1500 by Fathers' Day, I'd shave my beard. $2000 and I'd shave my head. $2500 and I'd shave my legs. Folks have donated over $1650 in just the last 24 hours, which puts me dangerously close to a full shearing. My…Read More

(no subject)

If you are fatherless, as I am, or know someone who is, nothing will bring us what we want for Fathers' Day--our dads back. But, this Fathers' Day, please use what you would have spent on an awful tie for your dad to support the top pediatric cancer hospital…Read More

Special offer: bear witness to the effects of cancer

This cause has become more successful than I ever imagined, thanks to all of you who shared it with friends. I wanted to let you know about a special offer I'm making: the chance to put a photo on my bike jersey of someone affected by cancer. I'll wear this…Read More
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