Urge KFC and McDonalds to adopt a more humane method of slaughter.

I am asking my friends and animal lovers to urge McDonalds and KFC to change their method of slaughter. If you care about the suffering of animals, please read on.

Currently the process at the slaughter house is that the chickens are dumped out of their crates and are violently shackled upside down. They are then run through an electrical bath that leaves them paralyzed but conscious. Many are scalded to death in de-feathering tanks. They are subject to abuses by workers. These animals are frightened, stressed and suffer immensely.

There is a method whereby the chickens do not suffer or feel fear because they are
simply put to sleep prior to being dumped from their crates. This method eliminates
the possibility of the birds being alive through any of the next steps of slaughter. That method is called Controlled Atmosphere Killing, or CAK, and is the use of an inert gas which puts chickens to sleep and eliminates all abuses and suffering.

There are 850 million chickens that suffer these abuses each year for KFC and hundreds of millions for McDonalds. It doesn’t have to be this way but we need your help.

Please participate in as many of these 5 pledge options as you can to end these horrific abuses:

1. Watch the video (well done without extreme graphics)


2. Sign the McDonald’s petition


3. Sign the KFC petition


4. Donate $5, $25 or $50 to help PETA fight for implementing CAK at KFC and McDonalds.

5. Ask 5 friends to take the “Gimme 5 pledge” and join in the fight to have KFC and McDonalds use CAK from their suppliers.

Remember: It costs KFC and McDonalds NOTHING to end the most horrific abuses of the chickens they purchase.

You can help…please take the Gimme “5” pledge today..!

1. www.mccruelty.com

2. http://www.peta2.com/takecharge/t-McCrueltyActions.asp