Thank You!

Big thanks to everyone who helped with this fundraiser. So far, we've raised almost $500, which will go to help us register more young voters this year. People should feel free to donate even though the 24-hour contest is done - we'd love to hit $1000!

Keep it up! 19 hours to go!

We're off to a good start in the Giving Challenge. 5 hours into the contest, we're in 2nd place. Thanks for all your support and hard work so far! But to catch up and take the lead (and win the $1000), we're going to need everyone to step up just a little…Read More

24 hours to give!

And the clock starts... now! We have 24 hours to raise as many donations as possible through Facebook for the New Voters Project. To donate, visit: The group that gets the most donations in the next 24 hours…Read More
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