Let's unite 2300 people in CA-3 against Monsanto! 2300 x 435 congressional districts = 1,000,000! MillionsAgainstMonsanto.org

The goal of the Organic Consumers Association's Millions Against Monsanto campaign is mandatory labels on all genetically engineered foods (including animal products from factory farms, which use genetically engineered feed), as well as foods that come from other untested technologies, including cloning, nanotechnology and synthetic biology. President Obama's Food & Drug Administration may soon approve genetically engineered salmon for human consumption. If we can't stop its approval, this Frankenfish must be labeled. Please support AB 88, a California bill that would require labels on GMO salmon: http://www.capwiz.com/grassrootsnetroots/issues/alert/?alertid=22842511&type=ST

1. Get Monsanto's genetically modified Frankenfoods out of our grocery stores!

2. Grocery stores should label foods that contains genetically modified ingredients.

3. Animal products that come from factory farms (CAFOs, confined animal feeding operations) should be labeled, too!