$4600 to go

Hi Friends, as of today Bobb needs another $4,600 to get to the place of having the additional help that is medically available but still out of reach. Can we pull together again and help meet this need before year-end? GapFill is now on Facebook making it…Read More

Continuing to Help BOb

Hi Friends, it woudl be really helpful in our efforts to keep helping Bobb if we move this to join the cause of GapFill.org. They are the ones who have made this possible and it makesit easier to give smal gifts to help Bobb reach is goal. Blessings, Kathy

Important update on the Lewises

PTL, Bobb is now able to use the leg device and we have $4,590 of the $12,000 goal.The cost of the first device is now $7,900, if purchased together: $13,000. Lewises will be able to go to Malaysia and this would be such a help to Bobb's quality of life.…Read More

Bobb's great news

Ten months ago we formed this group to help Bobb get the medical devices that would greatly improve his quality of life. Today I'm thrilled to say that enough has been donated that our gifts couple with the Lewises saving, have given them the freedom to go…Read More

Our December Thermometer

Bobb and Kayleen have an invitation to work in Malaysia. Let's pray and ask God for the leading and help to give him what he needs for the best possible experience and most effective ministry for the Lord.

Bobb to be fitted for devices, thank you!

In November Bobb have the appointments he needs to begin obtaining these life changing devices. Praise God for your help and God bless you for all you've given. close to $4,600 was raised to help make this life change possible. Together, in Jesus, we can do…Read More

Gap Fill Adds MasterCard, Visa and PayPal

Thank you friends for your continued prayer and support for Bobb and Kayleen. We hold on to seeing the Lord move and bring about the provision for all that our dear friends need. Opportunities like these are a chance to see "The Body of Christ at it's…Read More
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