"Equal access to affordable, quality Healthcare for all"

Americans for Healthcare (AFH) is a healthy movement by the people and for the people: to attain education, prevention, environmental changes, wellness and healthcare. AFH is a non-partisan, goal-oriented movement of WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America.

AFH clearly recognizes and appreciates the value of wellness, nutritional, emotional and physical education programming, and responsibility for our wellness in consultation with appropriate health and wellness providers. We encourage participation in our national people's movement by every American seeking common ground to propose possible solutions. We must turn our costly “sickness system” into a streamlined, quality health and wellness system that is truly caring and compassionate.

1. Unite millions of Americans behind common ground of better nutrition, physical and mental status, and health and wellness.

2. Gain national media exposure & galvanize public opinion, by exercising our minds, bodies, hearts, souls, and collective voices on the National Mall

3. Stretching toward our goals, peacefully and lawfully exercise our voices in support of healthcare in local, state and national legislative forums

4. Engage our legislators in local, state and national legislative forums until we achieve a healthier America: accessible,affordable, quality HC