Why let Today's Tech become Tomorrow's Trash, when it can still be Someone's Future?

Chari-Tech is coming soon... Truthfully, we are merely a good idea, backed by an incredible amount of passion & determination to succeed... Like most charitable causes we are low on funds, yet replete with ambition. This cause was not created to beg for any money... At least not until our 501 (c) 3 status has been approved. This is merely to help get us started down the path of grassroots networking!

1. The ONLY limit to any technology, is a lack of imagination!

2. Your "Dinosaur" of a cell phone, could be an entire village's major evolution.

3. Electronics Waste is not fully recyclable. Electronics DONATIONS, are!

4. Technology is Power, Creativity, Knowledge, and FOOD! It's time we taught the world to fish. We just need your old tackle!

5. This is about People... All People, everywhere... Reducing waste, helping our planet, and that "fuzzy-feeling"... Bonus Points!!!