A click for the forest receives environmental prize

Hello everyone, Some new from A click for the forest: A click for the forest have been awarded a prize from Claudio Domahidi's memorial fund of environment and solidarity. The prize sum is SEK 3000, which will be spent on our work to protect Sweden's old…Read More

Bird's nest at 'Kvitter'

Below is a link to the page 'Kvitter' where you can see a bird's nest and follow the development until the eggs hatch! At the moment there are five eggs in the nest, and there has been two couples of birds in the nest so it's not clear who the parents are.…Read More

Spring brings back life to the forests

Many of our rare birds, insects and plants thrive in the old-growth forests. Sweden's productive forests need protection against logging in order for these species to survive. Therefore, we need your help! Have a look at our website and see what YOU can do to…Read More

Important information about our newsletter!

Did you sign up for the newsletter between June 2009 and January 2010? Unfortunately there has been an error and these registrations have not been saved. Please, sign up again or email Sofia at [email protected] and she will sort it out. The e-mail…Read More

Buy a tree for Valentine's day!

Valentine's Day is coming up and we have the perfect gift for your loved ones; a tree in an old growth forest, which will be preserved for the future! The gift certificates are available from our webshop at http://ettklickforskogen.se/ecoshop Eco-friendly…Read More

Powerful in environment!

We are very proud to announce that the founders of A Click For The Forest – Jenny Strand & Ann Murugan – are nominated to Miljöaktuellt’s list of Sweden’s 100 most powerful persons in environment, 2010. Miljöaktuellt is Sweden´s largest independent…Read More

Join our Fan Page!

Hi all friends of the forest! I hope you've had a fab start of the new year and decade! I'd just like to share some information about our activities on Facebook with you; We've started up a Facebook Fan Page, which will replace our Facebook Group from…Read More
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