To create awareness that the precious people educating your children are highly underpaid.

We live in a world where priorities are eternally mixed up. Pre-School teachers are the people moulding children's lives. They don't just teach the young ones their ABC's. They instill morals and principles and inject colour into the lives of children who only see black and white. They have to deal with screams and tears and soiled underwear and vomit and snotty parents and early childhood violence and tantrums and over and above all of that, they do as much paperwork as anyone else, if not more. They have to be creative - all-in-one actors, musicians, scientists, religious leaders, consolers, psychologists, sometimes even parents to the children themselves. And they are exploited all over the world, paid only a fraction of what they're worth for the immense work that they do. But because they have a passion for what they do, they continue doing it, FOR YOUR CHILDREN.

We need to speak up and make some noise for these patient saints who deal with noise everyday.

Who's with me???

1. Pre-School Teachers should be paid what they're worth.

2. Pre-School teachers should be applauded and not forgotten.

3. Pre-School Teachers should not have to scrimp and save; they should be rewarded for their back-breaking service to society.