A kurdish poem

I have been in your shadows for too long. So, Please unlock my heart Iraq. Please untie my roots Iran. Please unlock my spirit Syria. Please untie my throat Turkey. I have sung loudly for too long. But, You have not listened to me America. You have not…Read More


“The Kurdish people are in their own homelands, and they will not leave. We are not refugees. These are the lands of our ancestors. This is Kurdistan. This is a historical geographical definition,” -Kışanak

It's time !

The middle east is going crazy and if we don't stand up and speak up for what is ours nothing will change !!! So keep on inviting friends! Rise up. Biji Kurdistan!

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Dear Supporters please keep on inviting your friends. The cause is growing very slow i need you help ! The time to declare independence was never this close ! Biji Kurdistan !

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Newroza wa pîroz bê !!! Happy Newroz everyone :)

300 and 1 members :)

Thanks everyone for your support we topped the 300?!?! :) keep going !!! Biji Kurdistan ! -Piran Barzani

221 ?!

I'm so proud of you guys we topped the 200 within 4 days that is amazing if we keep on going like this we will top the 1000 very soon :) keep on inviting friends and keep on believing in kurdistan ;) Biji Kurdistan!
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