MAJOR amendment to HB 2904 scheduled March 10th

Due to concerns that our bill is teetering on losing its sponsor in the House, we will be proposing and amendment HB 2904 on March 10th in Salem. The proposal is to replace the current bill, in its entirety, with a simple, unconditional 10 day time period in…Read More

Reminder about tomorrow night

HB 2904 Supporters! FRIDAY, MARCH 4 6:30 UNTIL WE ARE DONE Quintet Condominium Club House 6625 W. Burnside Rd Portland, OR 97210 Directions? Email or call Jane Edwards to RSVP. Jane Edwards 503-297-6765 cell: 503-680-5149

Updated link

I've updated the links. So now you can go to the html version of the bill to read it for yourself. Thank you all for your patience as I've struggled with an internet service provider issue.
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