Please sign our petition

We call up on all members across the world to please sign our petition It is time that those in power was brought to…Read More

Please could everyone help me out

Anyone that is on Twitter please could you help me out and ask @AlysonBarnes the labour leader of rossendale council why she blocks people in rossendale form asking legit questions. In one tweet she states to ask and next minute she blocks anyone that asks…Read More

Support us in supporting you

Hello When causes first started out it was very well connected to Facebook but over the years has moved a lot further apart. If you wish to get regular updates around disability action against cuts to support and services we recommend you like out Facebook…Read More

When does it end

They are destroy everything around us but what can we do They force people off disability benefits with assessments that are not fit for purpose They destroy social care services by cutting their budgets They destroy our NHS and leave them suffering…Read More

Can we count you in?

It is as we said it would be *sigh* From the begining we said that the cuts would have a negative impact on people with a disability and this we all knew but we have also been saying that these cuts to social care services would have a knock on effect on the…Read More

Support the Ashya King family

Dear members I ask you all to support the Ashya King family The NHS refuse to give their son the treatment (not cost effective for them) and as such they looked else where for treatment. please follow the link below for more information and help in anyway…Read More


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